Love is a choice, April 21, 2017 Daily Reflection

Me and my man

Bishop Robert Barron is constantly saying, “love is willing the good of another as other.” He doesn’t say love is that feeling we have inside that gives us butterflies. Willing the good of another as other is illustrated well by the relationship a mom has with her new born son. The mom doesn’t get butterflies in the middle of the night when she is exhausted and needs rest but the baby is crying. The mom gets up and tends to the needs of the baby. She changes his diaper and nurses him and puts him back to bed. The mom wills the good of the baby not for herself but for that baby. Love is a sacrifical choice one makes to put another’s need before self.

Love is a commitment. It is a commitment to make that other a priority in life. When I married my husband I was still completely infatuated with him but I was also mature enough to understand that I was committing the rest of my entire existence to him and his life. I commited myself to him and accepting children lovingly from God. Which we were so blessed to be able to do. There have been a fair share of times when I have disagreed, argued, and been angry with my husband but I have never for a moment stopped loving him. It is unconditional, without condition. Love is a choice daily for my husband, children, parents, loved ones, friends, and God.

Make love your choice!


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