Love Judas? April 19 Daily Reflection


How does one begin to love Judas?

He loved Christ followed him, left his life behind to find a cause to make him whole. He listened to Christ sat at his feet and admired him. Yet, he would be the one to betray Christ in the most memorable betrayal in the history of the world with a kiss and Christ stood there and said “Do what you must do friend”. Christ had full knowledge that he would receive blood money and be handed over by the man he called friend in their last exchange. He forgave him before Judas ever had the thought in his mind to do such a heinous act. An embrace, a kiss both acts of love and kindness, with the gentlest touch a friend handed over Christ to be crucified.

Love Judas, how unthinkable he changed the entire course of the human race.

Love Judas, he gave away the most precious gift of God to be persecuted, scourged and nailed violently to a cross.

Love Judas, who realized his sin and took his own life.

Love Judas, impossible, unexpected, and immoral?


Despite his faults, his doubts, his cruelty, his betrayal, and his acceptance of the 30 pieces of silver.

Love Judas? Christ never paused in his ministry, at the last supper, in the garden, on the cross or seated at the right hand of the father. Love Judas? Christ can do it though he is God and has unconditional love.

Love Judas?

I am not God but only human. She hurts me to the core, mean, selfish, self absorbed, rude and cold hearted how could I love that? Love Judas I don’t think I can. I am only human. No one expects us to love our enemies No not really. Yes, in theory but not in action.

Love Judas?

He doesn’t care what happens to me, he only cares about himself. I just get in his way and he shows me all of his disrespect. He calls it sarcasm but it is lethal and tears me down with every name he calls me, every snide remark, with every cruel and mocking sigh. Love Judas? No not I.

Love Judas, through the betrayal, the cruelty, and the pain? Distance myself self preservation, boundaries, shut down, protect but not love him/her.

Yet, that is what Christ did. That is what Christ does.

Walk away and protect yourself yet, love Judas? Is it even possible?

Do you love the Judas in your life? Can you? Will you love Judas?



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