Love Me, December 16 Daily Reflection

My Little Guy

His head cocked to the side, biggest smile ever, wide eyes opened he looks at me waiting for a laugh, a giggle, a smile or a hug. Our children are just like Jake, my littlest guy, in this picture. Our children want to make us happy, they want to laugh with us, they want to watch us and understand what we are doing but most of all they just want to be loved. They want to be loved by us, their parents, like no one else on earth will ever love them. They want to be seen and they don’t mind getting in our faces so we know they are there. They want to be heard and they will throw a fit and be negative if it is the only way to get our full attention. They want to be held and made to feel safe and secure like only our arms can do.

We parents are a very busy people. We work so that they we can shelter, clothe, feed, educate and nourish our children. We are taxis; we take them to school, sports practices, dance recitals, school competitions, parties, parks and friends houses. We are secretaries we schedule their dentist and doctor appointments, check their homework daily, pick up their clothes and toys, wake them so they won’t be late for school and get them to bed at just the right time. We are nurses; we kiss the scraps, bandage the wounds and wipe the tears. We are psychologist, we constantly try to interpret their newest behaviors and teach them the correct way to deal with others in society. We are their first and primary teachers, they reflect our personalities and mood swings more than we care to acknowledge. We live and breathe so many different roles as parents that it is a wonder that we can maintain our own identity. However, parent is the most important identity we will ever have in this lifetime.

It is a privilege to be a parent, it is a full time job, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it lasts a lifetime! The bonus package is unbelievable you will love and experience a love that is unmatched in any other relationship in your life. More than any one thing you provide, more than any task you complete, more than anything you say, what your child wants most is not a thing it is for you to love them.

When they look at you like Jake is looking at me in the picture

 in their mind they are just saying


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