Loved into being, June 20, 2018 Daily Reflection

The Unconditional love of a mother

We are co-creators of this life. We loved this creation into being. This creation, a human being grew and developed in the uterus of the mother. In time the human being was born into the world and breathed it’s first breath and even then the mother supported her.The baby grew and grew into a child and the dependency was weaned but the love never stopped. As this child developed into a teen the parents still guided, directed, and nurtured the teen. As the teen transformed into a young adult who chose to go her own way the parent still offered support, and unconditional love.

This natural progression is the nature of life. We love, create, nurture, support, love and release but never stop loving. We have learned this progression from our own creator. We are loved into existence, supported, nurtured, guided, and loved unconditionally into death and beyond it’s limits into eternal life.

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