Loyola Last Class, December 6, 2017 Daily Reflection

Last LIMEX Class

We have been together for over 4 years. We have gained knowledge, insight, and wisdom from studying theology. We now have a better understanding and ability to catechize, and evangelize the word of God to others. We have formed supportive, loving relationships with each other. We have pushed ourselves to work full-time, care for our families and go back to school all at the same time. We have written over 300 pages worth of papers, completed 12 courses, and spent hundreds of hours reading too many books. We have dedicated our weekends, and taken time away from family to earn this degree. This was not a normal “Master’s degree program” it didn’t take 18 months but over four years!

Last night we met for the last time. We gave thanks to God for all the growth, transformation, and learning we have experienced. We shared what we plan to do next and all agreed that ministry is unbelievable. One of the best parts is being ready to go when the Holy Spirit guides us. We like the surprise, challenge, and energy that guides us in ministry.

This has been a long road, that included hard work and constant dedication. As soon as I get that grade on my last paper I will celebrate! Then I will get to walk across that stage in New Orleans and receive that diploma and thank God I made it through! I am going to miss this group and our time together. I treasured our Tuesday evenings. However, I am relishing in not writing essays, reading daily, and spending 5 hours each weekend on the course work. Thanks, for an amazing journey friends!

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