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Just Say Please - a book about Manners

Just Say Please – a book about Manners

How important are manners anyway?

Manners prove that you think more of others than yourself. Manners say that you respect that person enough to be kind and considerate. Manners say that you do not expect the world to give you everything you want because you simply want it. Manners say I need this and I know you can help me, please help me. Manners say I am appreciative of the time it took you to be kind to me. Manners say I respect you as a person, not because of something you did for me but because you are a person. Manners set you apart from others because it proves you are kind, thoughtful and considerate of others feelings.

How important are manners in school, during an interview, on the job, in your personal life, when you meet your potential spouse’s parents, when you raise your own children?

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