Marriage As Sacrament, June 6, 2016 Daily Moment

Alex & Ken's Wedding

Alex & Ken’s Wedding

Marriage in the Catholic Church is more than a union between a man and a woman. It is a sacrament, a sign of God’s presence sealing a husband and a wife for a lifetime. It is a commitment of unconditional love, open to new life and children, vowing to raise them in the faith, vowing to love each other with respect no matter what the situation; wealth or poverty, sickness or health, forsaking all others until death. These vows are witnessed by others and unified by God in the sacrament of marriage. We, the family, friends, and people of the faith are there to love and support the couple in this marriage for a lifetime. We, those who are married, are to set the example of unconditional love to the new couple. The wedding day is not the most important day in the life of a newly married couple, every day after the wedding day is more important, each day they say yes to one another, every day they say what can I do to make your day better to their spouse, every day they choose to love more deeply than the day before, every time they remember that God is in the center of their marriage.

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