Lego Builders, December 29, 2014 Daily Reflection

My boys working at their new Lego Table

My boys working at their new Lego Table

Spencer and Jake received a custom built Lego table for Christmas this year from Santa. It came with 4 stools so they can have guests at the table to build Lego creations. My husband enjoyed playing with his own Lego collection as a child. Now, my boys are carrying on the creativity.

They each received a few different Lego sets they have already completed. Santa really knew what he was doing. My boys are working so well together completing the sets as a team. This process is teaching them some organizational skills, collaboration, and above all creativity. They are not staring at a screen playing video games. Instead they are letting their imagination run wild designing things from their imagination. After they design something they play pretend with their new creations together.

As a mom and a teacher I think one of the best things we can do for our children and students in this tech saturated age is give them hands on things to play with and create. We need to allow them the opportunity to think, imagine, play, pretend, invent, work together and become the most creative person possible. I hear it all the time as a teacher. Our children will one day be applying for jobs that don’t yet exist. If they are not adaptable, creative, team oriented, and able to think on their feet their future will not be a good one in the job market. It’s also excellent for their brain growth and development. So, thank you Santa for the great opportunity!

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