Max’s Doghouse, October 2, 2016 Sunday Tidbit

Max's Doghouse

Max’s Doghouse

Yesterday, we bought Max a wooden dog house. No, we did not make it, we bought it. Let me tell you, not many stores sell wooden doghouses. I think part of the reason why is because most dogs live inside their owner’s houses. Our dog sleeps in his crate indoors at night but otherwise stays outside all day long. We needed a doghouse for him to have shelter from the rain and a warm place to stay out of the wind as the winter comes. He is starting to check it out but I don’t think he has claimed it as his own yet. In time I hope he utilizes it and stays warm and dry in the elements. I know most people keep their dogs inside but I prefer to have an outdoor dog, I think he enjoys chasing the wildlife in our backyard and feeling like the alpha male of his territory outside.

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