Maybe, September 5, 2017 Daily Reflection

Stay open to…

Maybe, just maybe there is more than one purpose for our lives.

Maybe, God created us to do many things, love many people, to be loved completely, to use every talent we have over the course of our lifetime on this earth.

Maybe, we don’t have to freak out because we are not sure of that “one” thing we must accomplish.

Maybe, as we grow and live our lives we are completing multiple missions with others, through others, and for others.

Maybe, our purposes are revealed through different trials and successes throughout our entire lives.

Maybe, we are not supposed to know everything, but instead we should be open to understand others, and to love selflessly, fully.

Maybe, from the beginning of our lives until now we have been making the world a better place for others.

Maybe, we should trust God, open our minds, hearts, and souls to let God work through them for the rest of our lives.

Just maybe…

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