Me and God, June 1, 2018 Daily Reflection

Before there was nothing or anything there was God. God loved all creation into being. God created me and loved me. God will never stop loving me. Somewhere along the way in this life we seem to find a reason not to love ourselves. Our perception of the world changes, we appear to fail, we forget the love is eternal. For some reason we are taught that original sin is a core belief instead of original goodness. We are made in the image and likeness of God and God did not sin. Yes, of course we are human, imperfect, we sin but must we be shamed into believing the core of our essence is created with original sin? God LOVED us into being. It is humanity that teaches us sin and how to stop loving others. I was with God in my beginning, I am with God now, and I will be with God for all of eternity. If God can love this creation then I should too. Each of us, whether we feel worthy or not is loved by God without condition therefore, we should love ourselves without condition.


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