Memories, August 27, 2013 Daily Reflection

The Old Cinema sign

I remember going to the Cinemas movie theater for the first time with my best friend, Cookie, without our parents with us. We went to see “Who Killed Roger Rabbit”. That was so many years ago. Now, the cinemas have been torn down. An old parking lot with crabgrass and weeds growing between the cracks and this sign are all that remain.

Life changes and moves so quickly. Nothing can stop time. No matter how badly you wish you could bottle that feeling you had when you were a child, or on an awesome vacation, or when you were relaxed; you can’t do it. I thank God that He was generous enough to give us memories. God has given us memories to savor the wonderful times of life. When you are in a wonderful moment save it and “suck the marrow out of life” every moment you are given. Never stop remembering; it is a treasure.

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