Mentors, October 10, 2017 Daily Reflection

I want to be just like my Dad when I grow up

I have been blessed in many ways in my life, one of which was being born last in my family. Because I am the youngest I always looked up to others to set an example and be role models. I watched what my siblings did well and what they got in trouble for and learned quickly who I wanted to emulate. Two of the best role models of my life have been my parents, commitment to marriage, to family, and to God. As a teenager I worked for a few different role models. They both modeled faith in different ways that added to my faith formation. I worked in a corporate environment for 18 months straight out of college and chose mentors in the company I wanted to follow and they taught me many lessons about corporations. As a writer and speaker I found an author and well known speaker and picked her brain constantly, she has guided me wisely through the years. As a student of Theology and woman of faith I have found several strong role models in the Archdiocese of Louisville. I have had the pleasure to receive wisdom and advice from amazing, kind, giving, loving mentors, whom I could never repay.

I believe strongly in mentors in every aspect of life. I am now in spiritual direction and my spiritual director is a new mentor from whom I can learn life lessons. I am about to start a position at a new school and already feel a connection to a new set of strong, faith filled women, with compassion and a vision for the future. I am open to advice, compassion, instruction, and guidance from those who have more experience and a wisdom I have yet to gain. Of course the mentor I emulate more than any other is Jesus Christ.

I encourage everyone to have mentors in different areas of life. We were created to be in relationship with one another to love and learn from others. Consider who are the role models in your life? Who would you like as a mentor? If you have mentors appreciate them by saying thank you and continue growing each and every day.

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