Are we mindful? January 13, 2017 Daily Reflection

smokies-13-clingmans-dome-sunsetWhen you wake up in the morning do you thank God you were able to open your eyes and see that alarm clock? When you slide out of bed do you hit your knees and thank God for every blessing that you have and ask for God to give you the energy to do his will? When you eat your breakfast do you feel the nutrients of the food nourishing your body? When you get dressed for work do you thank God that you have such nice clothing and so many choices? When you get in your car to drive to work do you thank God that you were able to buy that car, to pay for gas and car insurance?

Most of us live on autopilot. We have routines and get stuck in ruts. We don’t pay close attention to anything when we wake up except the path to the coffee machine. We rarely consider thanking God for anything in the morning because we just want to crawl back in between those warm covers on our comfy beds. Most likely we complain that we don’t have what we want to eat. Then we complain that we can’t find anything to wear, when in fact we have at least 15 different outfits. We get into our car and complain its too old, and too ugly.

Today, try to change it up. Attempt mindfulness. Take the time to pay attention to the way your food tastes, and how it fills your body’s hunger. Look at the clothes you are wearing right now and be appreciative that you have something that nice. Be thankful that you have a car to drive and enough money to pay for gas. Attempt mindfulness and you will discover contentment.

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