Modeling, August 22, 2018 Daily Reflection

As a parent I have often been acutely aware of modeling good behavior for my children. I know that as children they soaked up everything I said and did. I also know that they were also extremely conscious of the things I didn’t say or do. Parents know that pressure well and most try to rise to the challenge.

What we forget is that everyone is modeling good or bad behavior for everyone they come in contact with each day. Children don’t just watch their parents, they watch everyone. Children aren’t the only ones watching. We are all observing one another on a daily basis. As an adult we have usually formed habits of how to behave in life. However, we are also capable of being influenced and changing our ways.

Think about the way you behave daily. Are your words kind, open-minded, compassionate, and loving? Are they negative, unkind, rigid, and filled with complaints? Do you try to avoid eye contact, and attempt not to talk to others? Do you try to smile at strangers, look your coworkers in the eyes and give space and time to others? What about your posts on social media? Do they bring negative energy or inspiration to those who read them?

It’s not just the responsibility of a parent to model good behavior. It’s the responsibility of every person! How are you modeling?

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