Moderation, February 8, 2013 Daily Reflection

My boys pretending to eat a life size Ginger Bread House

“Sugar is my favorite food group.” Jake my littlest says often when he is eating candy. Jake really loves his candy. He says he would eat it all day if he could. As adults we can eat candy all day long. What prevents us from doing this? Is it due to the healthy habits we formed as children? Is it because we don’t want to become diabetic or obese? Or is it Self Control and the knowledge of its natural consequences?

I say it to my kids often “Everything in moderation.” Not just food but exercise, work, school, sports, leisure time; everything. Our bodies and minds are wired to handle all things in moderation. When over stimulated or overloaded an ill effect will occur. We can live longer, healthier and wiser if we follow this simple idea “Everything in moderation.”

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