Modern Life, September 21, 2012 Daily Reflection

The hat rack

The cabin was small and at least 200 years old. It revealed hard truths of the past and the way their lives were lived. There was a tiny window upstairs just large enough to fit their rifle through to shot trespassers but not be shot from the outside; in the doorway stood a hat rack with a top hat upon it. There was a wash tub for laundry and candles for light.

Oh, how we take so much for granted. We flip a switch and there is light. We throw a load of clothes in a washing machine and walk away. The majority of us rarely think about shooting a trespasser or being shot. I don’t know anyone who owns a top hat much less a hat rack do you?

We are spoiled by our modern conveniences yet we want more. We want more so we have more time for what we deem important. Do you think that time for fun was a part of their lives? Or was it all work, chores, self preservation and self defense? Times they are constantly changing. With modern advances priorities shift and change. What is it that modern conveniences allow for you to do better in your life? In mine they give me more time to develop deeper relationships with my children, spouse and family. They give me more time to live instead of simply get by. What about you?

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