My Mom’s Service, July 30, 2014 Daily Reflection

My Mom's Service

My Mom’s Service

Today is my mom’s birthday! God knew what he was doing when he created my mom. She is a very special and loving woman. She stayed at home with me and my 3 siblings and raised us well. I remember snuggling with her and reading golden books. I remember listening to her sing in Church and thinking she had the voice of an angel. She has always been kind, sensitive and loving to all of us. She has also had many talents in her life like tennis, mothering, being a bargain hunter, an unbelievable salesperson and most of all an amazing seamstress; she can sew, serge, crochet, needle point, make a dress or any type of clothes, quilts etc if there is thread, material or yarn involved she can make anything exquisite.

I am so proud of her. She is using her God given talents to crochet the most beautiful baby layettes for a non profit organization in Michigan. She has taught my daughter to crochet as well. My mom has crocheted over 200 of these sets in the past few months for mothers who could not afford to buy something this precious for their new babies. Just look at her work she is amazing.

Today, say a prayer for the mothers who receive my mom’s gifts. Happy Birthday Mom, I LOVE YOU not just for all that you do but for being YOU!

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