Money, March 3 Daily Reflection


What is it we truly search for and what lay within our grasp if riches are what we obtain? If the goal of our lives is the treasure of money and wealth, what will it gain for our existence?  Creature comforts you can be sure, better food, better living, ability to see more of the world and to receive higher education and different experiences than the normal middle class family can afford. So is money the goal or is the goal education and exposure, there are ways to get there, the easiest in our culture is through mass accumulation of wealth. Wealth in and of itself is neither bad nor good. It is that greed, that single focus on the only goal being wealth and not relationships, faith or family that is detrimental to one’s life.

No denying money makes for less tension during our earthly existence. When family, friends and faith suffer so that one may acquire money, when excess become part of life that is when sin enters in. We need money to live in our culture, our needs can be met however meagerly through homeless shelters and the welfare system but then survival becomes the goal and other searching sometimes suffers. Although I met a homeless man recently who told me “It’s not so bad, but he would never wish it on another or want to live this life again.”

In all things we must find a balance between the needs and wants, the homeless and the wealthy, the goals of this world and the goals of eternity.

Where are you today?

Where do you want to be tomorrow?

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