Month of Thanks, November 10, 2015 Daily Reflection

Thanksgiving TurkeyHere we go ready or not it is the holiday season. Halloween starts the festivities. In the last few years I have noticed a trend of the “thankful month of November”. Have you noticed on social media some people are posting daily thanks for specific blessings in their life? I think this is one of the best trends our society has started. It gives us a reason to reflect on all the blessings we receive from God daily. When we can name those blessings we can begin to appreciate them as well.

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. Not because we sin through gluttony, but because we come together as family and friends and count our blessings. It is a time when we don’t “buy” into our consumer society. We only bring food to share with one another. Hopefully at your house, like mine, you take a moment before digging into that scrumptious feast to thank God for your family, friends, and the meal before you as well as those who do not have the fortune you do. Hopefully you are bringing God to the table with you on Thanksgiving Day as well as every day.

So, are you ready to take the November challenge? You will have to dig deep towards the end of November to name an original blessing daily. If you don’t want to post it on social media consider keeping a daily journal. Maybe you could use the same journal or notebook next year. It is a great way to compare where you are now to where you were the previous year.

As we get sucked into the holiday requirements, stand your ground and name your blessings first, thanking God for each and every one!

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