Mother & Daughter January 20 Daily Reflection

Mother & Daughter Cantoring

Mother & Daughter Cantoring

A gift from God carried in her womb for 9 months, blood of her blood, half of who she is came from her mom; a daughter. Sparkling eyes, precious smile, tiny fingers and ten little toes all wrapped up in a pink blanket handed to her in the hospital, her first, a baby  girl. She grew, walked and fell, laughed and cried and formed her own little person. Her own ideas, interests and desires yet she is still your baby girl, but growing and changing, maturing and aging. She was born from you, flesh of your flesh; your daughter. Now between you are held the treasured memories, friendship and an unbreakable bond of a mother and a daughter; four arms one embrace, two souls & one shared heart.

Children are blessings unparallel to any time, place or thing experienced in life. They are creations pure of heart, open and accepting of our love without rejection from the moment they are placed into our arms as new born. As they grow they all want independence and room to breathe, grow and age. We as moms have to learn to step back and come to the realization that the child is not part of who we are but an extension of who we are a gift to not just us but the world and all of humanity. We fall in love with our children and never really fall out of love. We love them more than any person we have ever loved, it is overwhelming at times. They came from us to go forth from us. We as moms are the teachers, teaching love first, understanding, compassion, acceptance, independence and belief in one’s self. We are an element in the journey that child must take to share their gifts with the world.

God gives us the pleasure and sometimes pain to experience loving, living and guiding our children to be who God desired for them to be. God gives us each gifts and we need to find our own and help encourage our children to find their own gifts. Hannah & Theresa share a lifetime of love as Mother and Daughter that will span both their lifetimes. They both have a love for singing in Church with two voices and one heart. To witness their presence when they sing together brings an unknown joy to those they lead in song.

Precious is the time we have to nurture our children into adults. Delicate is the way we need to handle the relationship with our children. Faith and prayer is what we need to do right by our children. The love of God is what gives us the ability to truly love them unconditionally. Gratitude to God should be given every day for the gift He has bestowed upon our lifetime; the gift of our children

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