Mowing the Lawn, June 3, 2016 Daily Reflection

Spencer Cutting Grass for the 1st Time

Spencer Cutting Grass for the 1st Time

The other day Spencer, my 13 year old son, mowed my Dad’s lawn for the first time. My oldest son, who is 17, trained him the entire time. He showed him how to start it, how to avoid roots, he even brought him a cup of cold water. Spencer did a great job. He never complained about the job, and it is a big back yard. When Ethan brought him the water he kept mowing, he would not take a break. It was the first time that I really witnessed Spencer working for someone else and it made me proud. He has a strong work ethic, he was focused, and determined to do it right.

As a mom it’s difficult to know how your children will work for others. It is a relief when you witness them working hard and doing well. Spencer always works hard at school and does well but manual labor is a different challenge. One that he rose to and completed. As moms, it is easy to want to shelter and baby our children, especially the younger ones, but giving them responsibilities is an important part of parenting. They have to learn how to be responsible, work for others, and do a job well. As his mom I am so pleased to see that I must have done something right along the way to help with this work ethic.

Today, consider giving your child or children a new task or responsibility. It not only makes you feel proud as a parent it also teaches confidence and responsibility to the child.

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