Music moves, February 24, 2015 Daily Reflection

Lady Gaga singing at the Academy Awards

Lady Gaga singing at the Academy Awards

Music can transform a spirit from sad and lonely to joyous and elated or from content and stable to emotional and moved to tears. It is difficult to grasp the words that can describe what music can do for our souls. The feelings expressed by music run the range of all emotions. My children and I watched the Academy Awards the other night and we were blown away by the performance of Lady Gaga. We had no idea that she was classically trained and could sing so unbelievably. We often judge people by their reputation and appearance. However, Lady Gaga totally surprised us. Her voice moved me to memories of childhood and tears of emotion. If you have not heard her performance of the Sound of Music you must look it up and take a few minutes to listen to her. Her voice will move your heart.

We should all thank God for the gift of music and those who have been blessed with the talent to play it so well. It is not just the God given talent these people possess but the determination and discipline to master the art. Thank you to the musicians who take the time and dedication to take us to those amazing places in our hearts and souls.

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