Music, July 21, 2016 Daily Reflection

Music can soothe the soul, release the tension, offer an opportunity for an escape from reality, transport us to a different dimension of our existence.

Some music is just fun to sing along with in the car with my kids. Other music takes me back to different experiences I have had over the course of my life. A song can take me back to childhood, a dance, a retreat, a funeral, or the first time I ever heard the song. Some music like Phantom of the Opera, or Les Miserables

Music in my piano room

Music in my piano room

take me to another place in my existence they shake my soul and beauty moves in the core of my being. Some music is like art in my mind. Some music helps to calm my nerves and allows me to breathe slowly when I have yet to catch my breath. Other music helps me to understand that other people are going through the same thing I am and that I am not alone in my situation.

All music is creative art given to us by talented people with a vision. Appreciate music, savor the taste and allow it to settle into your soul.

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