Music Lessons, July 22, 2015 Daily Reflection

Jake's 1st guitar lesson

Jake’s 1st guitar lesson

Anna and Jake’s first guitar lessons were yesterday! The instructor was very kind and most importantly patient. He explained to them how music helps a person’s memory as well as their overall health. He also explained to them that learning to play guitar is very difficult at first. Jake can attest to that. He was very frustrated.

Anna and Jake have been taking piano for three years and they still enjoy it. Their uncle was kind enough to give them a beautiful new guitar as a gift. He plays the guitar and wanted to share his love of music with them. So, now they will be taking piano and guitar lessons, as well as playing their sports; cross country and soccer.

If your children have never played an instrument think about setting up a lesson for them. Music is not just a way to enhance your memory, help your health, or your mind, it is also a lesson in persistence, determination, and practice. Music is also a way to set your mind free, and comfort your soul. It is a practice one can continue for a lifetime.

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