My 2 Year Anniversary, July 6 2011 Daily Reflection

Spencer trying to skip a small rock

It all began 2 years ago today. Like Spencer I picked up a tiny rock and readied myself to skip it out across the shallow water and see if it would make a splash or at least a little ripple. I began to write about being a mom and all the joys and trials entailed with that calling. Soon I was feeling pulled and inspired to write what God placed into my heart. Before I knew it that tiny rock tossed across the shallow water was now wading in knee deep water being witnessed by moms across the nations, who are listening. My true mission began. My mission is quite simply to move people closer to God one word at a time. I am trying to accomplish my mission through my blog, my motivational speaking, my retreats and my everyday life. Some days I think I reach people and open their eyes to God. Other days I know I fail miserably through my own actions to reflect God’s goodness to the world. Either day I am still close to God and still trying to do His Will.

My Dad, whom I adore, said to me 2 years ago “Lori, how will you ever write daily? What on earth could you write about?”

My response was “Dad, if God wants me to write daily He will inspire my words. It’s not me Dad, it’s Him.”

Now 735 blog reflections later my Dad believes me. I don’t hear God’s voice say to me with thundering conviction “Lori, write my words now!” In fact my son actually asked me “Mom how do you know that God inspires your writing and it’s not just in your head?”  I thought that was a good question. As I always do I answered him honestly. “I believe that God inspires ideas, thoughts and different perspectives in my mind because I don’t think I can come up with all that I write. Many times I want to write about something and suddenly I find myself writing about something completely different but completely kind, loving and accepting of all people. I just know its God. I just know it!”

Over the past 2 years I have learned so much through this journey. I have learned dedication to writing. I have met wonderful people who have become my mentors and guided me through this experience. I have been rejected by publishers and embraced by readers. I have started motivational speaking and leading retreats. I have felt lost and confused and found and enlightened. Above all I feel the flames of the Holy Spirit guiding my words and my life to the purpose for which I was intended. Others have found their purpose through Holy Orders, Mission Trips, and religion. I have found mine quite simply as a mom of 4 kids under the age of 13, married to my soul mate and trying to light the world on fire with the gift of God’s love trying to move people closer to God one word at a time. I pray that I am succeeding and I thank you for your encouragement, support and openness to my mission.

Here is to another 2 years making bigger splashes in the lives of more people who will feel closer to God!!


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