My 3 year Blog Anniversary, July 5, 2012

The first picture I posted on my site

Three years ago over 1000 reflections ago I started on a journey. I wrote my first blog and I have not stopped yet. Writing has led me to discovering awesome mentors and other venues to write for such as, and The Record. It has also given me the courage to become a motivational speaker. My readers have shown me so much support that I have become a retreat leader and have led over 13 retreats in the last year. My goal was to help moms become less isolated. Now my goal is to not only reach out to moms but to move all people closer to God one reflection, one talk, one retreat and God willing one book at a time. Thank you so much for supporting my blog, my writing and my purpose in this life. It is all for the glory and honor of God alone and none of my own.


Thank you for all of your support, comments and encouragement over the last 3 years. I look forward to the next 3 years!


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