My 4 Year Anniversary of Faith Filled Mom, July 6, 2013 Saturday Tidbit

Picture I took in College with my boyfriend ( now husband Aaron) in Fl.

Faith Filled began on July, 6, 2009. That was four years ago today. I have written a daily reflection for 1460 days without fail. I actually wrote more my total is 1,474 posts! As my life has changed so has my website. It started as a way for me to gain exposure to a book I wrote called “Just a Mom”. Then I started writing as a mom to others moms and as my faith deepened it became more about faith and less about moms. Then I became a motivational speaker and it become more inspirational. As I started to write book proposals for different editors I began to write motivational business and work reflections. In recent months I have taken classes about my Catholic Faith and I have written reflection papers based on the classes and used them as daily reflections. Well, my life is once again transforming. I will become a teacher this fall and I will not stop writing my reflections. However, they will change; my plan is to write shorter reflections more similar in length to my tidbits; still inspirational and faith filled, along with pictures I take in my everyday life.

My dad said, “I don’t see how you are going to keep up with your blog.” He also asked me four years ago, “How on earth will you write daily? You will run out of things to write about.” My answer to him on both occasions is the same, “I will write what God wants me to write. The Holy Spirit will give me the inspiration and the ability.” After four years I am not stopping! Thanks for your support over the years!!!

Happy 4th Anniversary to!!! It’s a day to celebrate!

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