My Biggest Accomplishment, August 10 2011 Daily Reflection

Spencer and Mr. Potato Head

Spencer is so proud of his Mr. Potato Man Light Bright creation. It is one of his accomplishments!

We all have accomplishments we are proud of; articles in the newspaper, trophies in cases, awards from schools, honors from organizations. No matter how many speeches I write, how many retreats I create or lead, how many reflections I put on line, or books I will someday publish nothing will compare to my children! They are my biggest, most important and valuable contribution to this world. Although I am not solely responsible for their creation, upbringing or education, I do have a tremendous hand in it all. There is nothing on earth that I could do, say or write that will be more powerful than being their mother. They are it…my biggest accomplishment…my proudest moment…my life. And I am eternally grateful that God called me to be their Mom!

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