My Brother’s Travels, November 12, 2015 Daily Tidbit

Boys and the Map

Only half the postcards covered our table

My brother and his husband just made another trip 24,000 miles, 13 countries, 35 days in a “leisurely lap around the globe”. They sent 22 postcards to each of my children providing highlights from each notable location of their adventure. My children found their globe, atlas and their Google maps to aid them in following the route of the trip. It is such an education for my children. When they visit town next time they will tell the stories of the exciting places, people, and monuments they witnessed.  A few days ago Spencer said, “You know mom, we don’t have to be in school to get an education. We can learn other places too.” He is so right. The experiences that my brother reveals gives my children a desire to travel and learn more about the world.

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