My Dad, My Best Friend, May 16 Daily Reflection

My Daddy

That’s my Dad! He has consumed all of my thoughts and prayers. Today he is having surgery to have a mass removed from his colon. We found out about it on Wednesday. There is no cancer history in my family until now. When my mom told me I dropped my daughter off at a sports practice and went straight to see my dad. “What are you doing Dad?” I said to him. “I don’t know.” He replied

“Well, the alternative is not so bad.” I said to him. “I know that” he replied.

He is not just my Dad he is my best friend and has been longer than anyone else on this earth. His hand was the one I searched for in a crowd, his stride is the one I always had to run to catch up with my little legs, and his breath was the breath I tried to match when I took naps next to him as a child. His advice and wisdom was the only person I ever fell silent to seek. His big arms around me has made me feel safe and loved all my life. He is the person I turn to when I am in distress or utter joy! He is more than a dad he is my best friend.

He has had heart issues since I was a child. He smoked for 25 years and when he was told that is what caused his heart attack back in 1985 he stopped for my mom and my siblings. I almost lost him then and my world was flipped upside down for 48 hours. Since that time I have valued every moment with him and always been cautious about his health. Heart disease we expected but not cancer, not something so ugly and threatening.

We talk about everything from everyday life, to my writings and his ministries but we love to talk deeply about faith and religion. He gets me and I get him. He made me who I am today. I know that he is ready if God is ready to take him. He told me so. He also told me that he thinks having cancer will be a good experience for him so he can help others with cancer and if he has to do chemo then he will understand more and help more. He is such an amazing man. He is a big teddy bear filled with unconditional love for everyone.

He retired when I had my first child so that he could be around to watch him grow up. He was a banker and was always there for us but he did not get home until 5:00 every day and he wanted to be with us more than that. As a grandpa he has that chance. We, the kids and I, see him 3-4 times a week on the playground or when he babysits.  If it were not for him I would not have started writing again, nor had the time to be so involved with my church. I would not be a runner or so open to my faith and exploring it.

He is ready when God wills it for him to go home. But I am not ready to lose my best friend or my children’s grandpa. I am not ready to say good bye to him. So I pray and I ask that everyone who reads this prays for him and for all those who have to face cancer and disease. I also pray in thanksgiving for the awesome life he has given to me. I am my daddy’s girl and that will never change. Please help me to pray for him this day because he is not just my dad he is a husband, a brother, a servant, a server, a disciple, an accepter, a friend and a child of God and although God might want him back I think the world can continue to benefit from his time here on this earth.



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