My Heart is Breaking, August 13, 2015 Daily Reflection

Team Robin Shirt

Team Robin Shirt

My heart is breaking for Robin’s family. A friend of mine who has been fighting pancreatic cancer since January passed away last night. My heart is not breaking for Robin because I know that she is living in the eternal light of God. I know in the depth of my soul that her pain is gone, her joy has been renewed, and that her heart is fuller than it ever was here on earth. She has been born into a new life with God. An after life where no one hurts, there is only love, goodness and God. I am sincerely happy for her, she is where we each hope to be one day.

My heart is breaking for her family. Her precious children and loving husband. Although their faith is strong and they know that Robin is now in heaven it doesn’t stop their pain, and suffering. They will miss her with that hurt that one only knows from the loss of a loved one. My prayers are now with them in their hours, days, and weeks of grief. A few weeks ago Robin told me that she hoped that her children would not lose faith because their prayers were not answered. However, prayers are answered in many different ways. I feel sure Robin was meant to touch so many lives through this battle. I wrote about how exceptional it was that Robin was able to accept her life as it was, knowing that death was inevitable. I pray that her children and her husband will hold on tightly to their faith because God not only holds Robin now, he also holds them in their sorrow.

Please keep Robin’s family in your prayers and all those who have lost their loved ones. Know that are not alone, even when you can’t feel God he is there with you.


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