My Neighbor, May 30, 2013 Daily Reflection

The for sale sign

There it was a for sale sign in my precious neighbor’s front yard. I stopped my van in the middle of the road and just gasped. As soon as we could park the van in our driveway I ran to her front door. She answered the door, my 80 something year old neighbor. I said “Are you ok? I saw the sign.” She replied, “It’s time to move. I just can’t handle the stairs anymore.” My heart was breaking for her.

We moved into our house next door almost 7 years ago. She had her house built 52 years ago. She raised her four children in that house. She drank her coffee on her back patio and watched them walk to school. She let them run the court with thirty other children (back in the day)! She buried her husband when she lived in this house. She planted her beautiful garden every spring and tended it until it was breathtaking. But in the last few years her age caught up with her. There were aches in her knees and pains in her back. She aged in this house. She is the best neighbor! Always waving hello, talking with my children and excited to hear what is going on in our lives. She is kind and loyal to her family, her church and her faith. I love my neighbor and I don’t want her to go. But a one floor patio home will be easier on her age.

It breaks my heart that she will have to let go of this place, her home. Her time as a mother, with her husband and raising her family as well as aging all happened right there. It dawned on me through my tears that one day I will be her. I will have to leave behind that home because of age and it will sting so badly. We will visit her at her new address and bring her the Christmas Cookies and Banana bread we often make for her. But it will never be the same for either one of us.

As I was leaving I hugged her and said “I will pray for you. You know God will get you through this move like He has brought you through everything else in your life.” She said, “I know He will.” Then I went home and cried.

In this world of constant change and lack of personal relationships a neighbor like mine is rare to find. She is a treasure to my family and we will miss having her there next to us. We will visit and God will keep her safe and sound. I was blessed to know her and be her neighbor for 7 years. She has made a difference in my life and the life of my children. Thank you so much we love you.

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