My New Year’s Resolution, January 2, 2012 Daily Reflection

Our Family Playing Uno

Other people were dancing, drinking and hollering at bars this New Year’s Eve. Not me. Me and my family, my kids and husband sat around our dining room table and played Uno, Beat the parents and Scrabble Flash. We ate snacks and played games. At midnight we watched that giant ball drop and jumped up saying “Happy New Year”, we exchanged hugs. There is no where I would rather be in the world…there is nothing I would rather be doing in this world…than to be with my family playing, laughing and just being family together. The greatest gift I have ever been given is my family. They are the ones I want to see at each and every sunrise, they are the people I want to hug each and every night; they are the people I want to end the old year with and begin the New Year with every year. I thank God for my family.

This New Year all I want is for my faith to continue to be on fire and in motion, for my family to have health and happiness and to be able to grow as a child of God. I suppose that is my new year’s resolution plain and simple.

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