My Refrigerator, February 24 Daily Reflection

My Refrigerator

This is one door of my refrigerator. Yes, it is covered in pictures, drawings and school work my kids are proud to display. Is it messy and cluttered? Well, yes it is. But my life is not clean and tidy all of the time. I try to keep my house clutter free. I don’t have knick knacks and true home décor like you buy at Michael’s. In fact a good friend of mine visited my house once and said “I like how you keep such a simple house.” I am proud of the fact that it is not filled with things. However, my refrigerator door well that’s an entirely different subject.

Someone once told me they have nothing on their refrigerator because they can’t stand the clutter and she has children and she is an awesome mom. I was somewhat shocked. I didn’t ask but I thought to myself where do your children hang up their most treasured drawings?

As a child I don’t remember if we had pictures hanging on my refrigerator or not so maybe it doesn’t make or break a child’s confidence, because I am a confident person. I look at my refrigerator and I don’t see clutter I see memories in the pictures of my children when they were little. I see a picture of the summer of 2007 when we played in the backyard more than anywhere else. I see the art my children have poured their hearts into and are so proud to hang up. I see dreams in their work and kindness in their sweet handwriting. My refrigerator is a reflection of my family and I don’t mind it looking cluttered and imperfect but covered with love, memories and magnets.


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