My Reward, November 8, 2011 Daily Reflection

Jake's flower for me

In his dirty little hands he holds the bloom of a little orange flower, “It’s for you, mom” he says with that sweet smile upon his face. That moment is one of the best rewards of being a mom.

We moms are rarely acknowledged for our vocation. Try telling someone at a party that you are a stay at home mom and see how long they talk with you, unless of course they are moms as well. Being a mom certainly doesn’t get us higher in our culture’s social status. It’s a dirty job that lasts 24/7 from the day that baby is born or adopted until our own demise! Many times it is tiring physically, mentally and emotionally. We are hated by that child we love so much for loving him so much that we do what is right. We do everything for our children, cook, help them with homework, and clean up their messes when they are sick and otherwise. We give them all that we have our advice, band aids, shoulder to cry on and back to ride on when the journey is just too hard. We give them who we are day in and day out. We know that we will not be thanked for this thankless job.

But this little flower, this gesture of pure and simple love is my reward this day. He called me mom and in that one single word that holds so many challenges I heard thank you and I love you like no other. In that smile I saw all the hard work, late nights, early mornings and trying moments come to a simple gesture of innocent love. This sweet flower is my reward for being His Mom!

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