My Ruth, July 22 Daily Reflection

My Ruth

This is my statue of Ruth. When I was about 20 years old and dating Aaron, now my husband, I loved looking at statues. I found this one and fell in love with her. She is a peasant with the wheat she collected in her skirt; she is pious and respectful with her hands folded in prayer. She represents loyalty, faith, and modesty to me. She was sitting in our first house but when we moved and had our first of four children I stored her away in a closet. At the beginning of this summer I cleaned out our walk in closet, a 3 hour job, and came upon my Ruth. Now that my youngest is 6 years old and I am no longer babysitting babies or toddlers I can display her once more.

It took a little while for each of my children to discover that there was something new in the corner. They each asked about her and I told them the Biblical story of Ruth. Then I told them how their daddy surprised me with my Ruth. I had wanted to buy her but she was too expensive. So he bought her and had her glazed and gave her to me as a surprise. He always loved to surprise me like that. Now she is back and I am so happy to share her with my children.

Life is like that; things that we love and cherish we have to store away for safe keeping. But then when we know it is safe to bring that cherished treasure back to the light we can enjoy it once again. Do you have any treasures like my Ruth that you have stored away and forgotten about?

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