Nature, July 29, 2014 Daily Reflection

Anna took this picture at the ParkLands

Anna took this picture at the ParkLands

God’s beauty is miraculous and awe inspiring. God’s creation of nature is the muse of so many artists throughout the course of time. Taking a walk, sitting by a creek, watching the clouds meander across the sky, smelling a flower or watching an ant on his ant hill all elicit wonder from the young and old. What is it about nature that is so refreshing, intriguing and peaceful? Maybe, it’s that nature was made from the hands of God; it’s a beauty we cannot duplicate and an intricate plan that although we study and analyze we will never fully comprehend. Nature appears to be one of God’s purest joys.

We are so blessed that we still have the ability to witness it and praise God for this unbelievable gift daily. Today, find a way to appreciate the beauty and vastness of God’s creation of nature.

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