Needed, August 15, 2018 Daily Reflection

It’s in our hands

What is needed to make our world the best it can possibly be? Each person alive to become the best they can possibly be for one another. We need acceptance, open minds, compassion, empathy, space, time, mindfulness, kindness, service, community, leadership, friendship, reverence, respect, to step outside of the cultural “right way” to be. We need to be who God created us to be souls and spirits filled with unconditional love for every soul and spirit of God’s creation, without exception.

If we did what was needed can you just imagine what our world would look like? It seems hopeless, but it’s not. It can start this very moment with me and with you. Work on yourself today, pick one need and practice how to live it in your corner of the world. It will spread, love can’t help but spread.

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