It’s A New Day, November 13, 2014 Daily Reflection

2011-10-09 09.05.08The last two days I was able to experience the junior retreat at Holy Cross. It was difficult for me because I created and led retreats for a few years. I did not create or lead this retreat. I was barely able to participate in it. However, the time that was allotted for me to be with a group of juniors was precious to me. It was a time to get to know them better and to sincerely tell them the good qualities I see in them. It also made me miss my retreat days. But what I discovered is that I use a ton of my retreat ice breakers, prayers, meditations and group work in the classroom. I guess I could say that my classroom is like a retreat experience with content and not as much personal connection between the students but more with God and their prayer life.

One of my students on the retreat said that the motto he lives by is “It’s a new day!” He is so positive even in the face of adversity. We should all grow from his words. We should learn from the mistakes and pain of yesterday, grow from our experiences and embrace a new day every day!!

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