New Faces, August 15, 2016 Daily Reflection

DesksToday, is the day I have the honor of meeting 58 new students. I will attempt to learn each name in the first week of school. I have a gift for each one of them. I bought each student a journal. At the beginning of each class they will journal about a question or two about their life experiences. I know the world is all about the computer, and we are one to one with tech at our school. However, I believe it is important to physically write on paper sometimes. I think it is even more important to reflect on one’s experiences of life. If there is no reflection how does one grow, learn, or mature? This journal will provide a reflective journey of their life thus far. I hope that one day they will treasure it.

I am excited to meet so many new students and to learn who they are and what they believe. I pray that God will inspire me to allow his light to shine through my eyes, his kindness through my words, and his love through my actions. Please say a prayer for me and my new students today and the journey we are about to embark upon.

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