New Year’s Day, January 1, 2018 Daily Reflection


We are so blessed to be given a blank page each year, a brand new start! Today, is a day to reflect and ponder what it is you want for the new year? So many people will say, “I want to be happy in 2018.” What does “happy” mean? If it means to have pleasure that is a fleeting emotion that comes and goes. I think we should redefine what “happy” means to “joy”. Joy is something that St. Paul talks about that people can have in the worst circumstances and the best. If one cultivates joy in life then meaning and purpose have been revealed and sought out in life. When a person discovers purpose the trajectory of life changes from wanting money, material possessions, and things to a desire to live life for a purpose that was created with our own creation. Joy is knowing that you are doing what God has called you to do and that although you will fail at times you are trying and that gives God pleasure. Joy is more than a fleeting feeling of contentment it is an inner peace that can ground and center one’s life.

Today, reflect on your resolution do you want it to bring you temporary happiness or permanent joy? If joy is what you want the search must be inward and most likely spiritual, through prayer, meditation, and a deeper understanding about your purpose. Is this is the year for you to listen to God and seek joy!


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