Next To Normal, February 10, 2015 Daily Reflection

Next to NormalLast night I saw the play “Next to Normal.” A fellow teacher had one of the lead roles, he was amazing in the production. His voice is unbelievable. It was a story about a family, the mom is bipolar and the dad and daughter have to live a life within the insanity. It was brilliant, the struggle, strife, humor, determination and the effects mental illness can have on an entire family. One of the many lessons I was able to glean from the story was that there is no “normal” family. We are all human with flaws, baggage, feelings, and confusion. When different people are placed together there will never be “normal.” Besides what is “normal” anyway?

We need to embrace each other’s individuality. Support one another in the struggle and love each other through everything. The only “normal” thing about a family is the one consistency that should reside within every family; love.

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