No Deadlines, November 12, 2012 Daily Reflection


Fun in the leaves

Do you remember a time in your life when there were no deadlines; no bills due, no meetings to plan? Do you remember when life was filled with playtime and imagination, with imaginary friends and playing hide and seek? Do you remember when you laid your head on your pillow at night slipping peacefully into sleep?

Now, we are adults, responsible working adults, paying bills, managing projects, keeping a house, raising children, trying to save for retirement. When we lay down at night our brows are furrowed and our minds will not stop the endless things that need to still be completed.

We cannot be children anymore but the stress of being adults cannot be all there is in life. Where does one find a balance?

Give it to God. Ask for God to take away the stress of the world. Trust that God will guide you through all times in your life. Let go of the stress. Take some breaks, pray daily, play in the yard with your children, go to the park, exercise, watch a sunset and allow yourself the time to simply live in a moment.

We cannot be children again but as adults we can use our wisdom to seek out that feeling of peace and freedom. God will give you what you need. You only have to ask. Then maybe for a moment or more you will feel like you felt when there were no deadlines.

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