No Parking Anytime, October 11 Daily Reflection

No parking anytime

No parking any time – no exceptions listed on the sign – no options at all – no parking any time. Thank God our lives are not so defined and absolute as though we can never change our minds. Thank God He gave us the freewill to change from time to time. How overwhelming would life be to think that all that would ever exist would be the everyday mundane events as laundry, cleaning, eating and working? There is so much more to life and when we think we have it figured out if we allow our hearts to be open and ready to receive we will perceive life’s gifts daily.

You see we live in these boxes, that hold all of our stuff and then we forget that beyond our boxes are so many fantastic treasures of beauty and nature, of islands unseen, ideas unvisited, people that we have yet to meet. We close our minds into this absolute idea where we feel we are somehow trapped. We are not trapped. In our country we can get in a car and drive to another state in most cases in less than a few hours. We have the ability to look up all of the world’s grandest beauties on the computer, we can check out books and DVD’s with all sorts of different ideas, religions, cultures and ways of life.

Today break out of the black and white sign that suppresses your life and find the color, look for the people, search out the ideas and know that as long as you live you are encouraged to grow and mature. So don’t ever park your car or your lives keep it moving in pursuit of growth.

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