Noise, January 2 Saturday Tidbit

Outdoors my peace

Outdoors my peace

Sometimes the noise is deafening; wheels on the hardwood floor with lights flashing, music blaring,and kids running. It echoes off the walls and is not absorbed by anything but my ears.  Oh my gosh, it makes me feel like the Grinch when the little drum sticks are pounding on his ears.  The noise, the noise, the noise…

Then I walk outside for a reprieve and quiet. Oh how I embrace the silence of the birds chirping and nature the quiet, the quiet oh the quiet.  God thank you for the quiet…

When it becomes too much just walk outside try it seriously next time the noise is too loud and the tension is too high just walk out the front door, don’t run away.  Just give yourself some time outside of the house, the situation and escape to a different surrounding it is amazing how 30 seconds of outdoors can calm a person down.

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