Not everything has to change, June 29, 2015 Daily Reflection

My family fishing together

My family fishing together

Yesterday was like a staycation for our family. My husband works long hours in the summer time and many weeks he works all 7 days. Yesterday he was off for the entire day. We started our Sunday with an early Mass and then packed up to go for a day at the Parklands.

It was an awesome day we took all 6 bikes and rode 16 miles. The wildflowers were unbelievable! The clouds looked like they were painted in the sky. The weather was perfect. It was a great ride!

We stopped and had a relaxing picnic lunch on blankets in the lush green grass. Then we went fishing. My oldest son was proud that he caught 2 fish and everyone else had only caught 1. He decided at that point that he should learn a little more about fishing and instead of asking his dad he got out his phone and looked up My husband and I were laughing out loud! In the old days you asked your dad or your buddy for fishing tips. Now kids google fishing tips even while they are fishing. Our world is changing in lots of ways!

No matter how many things change with technology some things can stay the same as long as they are made a priority in life. Our priorities were in the right order today; we started with our faith in Church and then spent the day as a family, exercising, relaxing, laughing, and being together.

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