Nourishment, August 31 Daily Reflection

The plant turning toward the sun

Notice how the stems of this plant are all straining to reach the light of the sun. They are seeking the nourishment they need to survive. We all strive to seek the nourishment we feel we need to survive.

What do you seek in your life for nourishment? We all need water, food, shelter and clothing and after that it just depends on each person’s individual priorities. Some say they need a new car but many just take the bus. Some say they need the best cell phone/handheld computer money can buy but many don’t have a cell phone at all. Some say they need more things and many just need to be loved.

Nourishment in our modern world can come in many different forms. There are thousands of companies that claim their product will nourish you. However there is only one source for the true light that shines into our souls, fills us up and completes us – God. You can call Him any name you want depending upon your chosen religion but that higher being you pray to, I call Him God, is what will provide nourishment for your life and the hereafter. If you have not yet realized He is the one you are seeking then think about it right now. Is there anything right now in your life that completes you? Does your car set your mind at ease and give you complete peace? Does your cell phone provide you with unconditional love?  Where will the things of this world get you?

When we learn to live more simply with less clutter then the sunlight can shine more directly on our leaves. God has always been with you waiting for you to find Him. Since the moment of your conception He has been there. Is today the day you will start to seek out the true nourishment? Turn your life towards Him and He will complete you, fill you and nourish you, not just in this life but also in eternal life.

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