Numbers…Numbers…May 1, 2012 Daily Reflection


Your weight on a scale…your jeans size…your calorie intake for the day…your age…your test scores…your address…your phone number…your social security number…your birth order number…the number of years you have been married…how many children you have…the number of miles you run each day…numbers…numbers…numbers…

Why do we let numbers define our lives? Why can’t we be happy when we fit in our clothes regardless of the number the tag says on the back? Why does our age really matter when in our mind we still feel young? Why should we let that number limit us and stop us from attempting to step outside that number box? We should be proud of some numbers test scores, years of marriage and our children or the number of miles we run. But why should we let those numbers rule our mentality? After all if we were in space the numbers would change for our weight right?

God graced us with so many blessings; breathing, living, loving, giving, thinking, moving, caring and the free will to do what we want with all He has graced us with. Shatter the negative numbers in your life and just start counting your blessings instead!!!


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