Observation, October 19, 2012 Daily Reflection

My boys observing the polar bear

As we observed the polar bear swimming through the water in a search for his toy my boys watched in awe. The polar bear was a baby but larger than their own father. My children were so entertained by the polar bear playing fetch with his toy, which looked like a large piece of bark. He looked like he was having a great time playing.

I wonder what people would observe about us if they watched us in our natural habitat? Would children watch with wonder and awe? Would they observe us having fun, playing, laughing and smiling? Or would they observe our stress, anxiety, need for rest and productivity? Yes, we have to work to survive and always take care of our responsibilities. But we also need to set aside a bit of time to play in the water, to laugh, run and smile. Each day we should take a little time to have a little fun.

It would be terrible if we were observed by others as boring. Today, be happy, lively and fun even within your normal routine. Other people may not be observing your behavior but God always is. God wants you to enjoy the life He has so graciously given to you.

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